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Server Features

-Stable Server

-Selfmade add-ons!

-PvP system

-Mix system

-Custom F1 Menu

-HighRate EXP/Drop rates

-Custom Armors and Weapons: 70-80-85-90-95-100


-Automatic Starter stuff

-100% custom made Fort and areas

-Unique Mobs

-Unique Areas

-Balanced Characters

-Protected Root server

-Pro User panel

-Real Time Pimp/Upgrade/mix etc.

-10 x Reborns With Gifts

-Real and unique 3rd Job skills with upgrading option(Int-Like)!!

-Unique Damage and PvP system!

-Happy Hour system

-Honor System (Int-Like)

-Unique Instances with rewards

-Selfmade designs

-Custom LA OTP Based

-Kal Cash System

-Lots of Events

-Unique Areas

-UNIQUE PvP Tournament 100 Vs 100 with rewards (Int-Like)

-UNIQUE Guild VS Guild System with rewards (Int-Like)

-HighZone PvP Tournament 1 Vs 1 with rewards(UNIQUE)

-AFK System

-Realtime SkillBooks

-Intlike Selfmade Pet System (Following, stats adding etc.)

-Auto Timer Summoner events

-Blob System

-Many Players online

-Custom Protection against hacks/crashes (SelfMade)

-Friendly Team

-Already Online for more then 2 years!

-And much more to see ingame!

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