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X-Treme Kal Evolution Is BACK!

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05.23.2016 - Huge Update - Weekly Updated Patches : LINK

Server Features

-New UI Engine (2014)
-FPS Limiter
-Working DSS Window
-2nd Password
-Refresh-Able CJB Party Buffs
-New Stat Calculation
-New Hp/Mp Calculation
-Honor System
-Monster Blob
-New Ai
-Level Gap
-Caution Message Every 2 Hour
-Level Up Congratulation Message
-All Skills (3rd job, active, passive, thief, mystery)
-Nirvana Skills (4th job)
-Egg Exp
-Time Limited E-Mok System
-Real Time DSS/BOF/Imp/Pimp/Mix
-Revival Bless
-Multiple Commander Calls With 3rd Job Change
-Perfect Party System
-Egg Exp Stone
-Blessing Of Asadal
-G41 Transformation And All Egg Skills
-All New Int Buffs
-1 vs 1 PVP
-The Last standing man PvP
-Guild Vs Guild
-Picture of Hell
-F10 System
-Happy Hour
-Real Wear-Able Pets
-Custom F1 Menu
-HighRate EXP/Drop rates
-Custom Armors and Weapons: 70-80-85-90-95-100
-Unique Areas
-10 x Reborns With Gifts
-Kal Cash System
-Lots of Events
-Custom Protection against hacks/crashes
-And much more to see ingame!


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